A new gravitational wave generation algorithm for particle perturbations of the Kerr spacetime


We present a new approach to solve the 2+ 1 Teukolsky equation for gravitational perturbations of a Kerr black hole. Our approach relies on a new horizon penetrating, hyperboloidal foliation of Kerr spacetime and spatial compactification. In particular, we present a framework for waveform generation from point-particle perturbations. Extensive tests of a time domain implementation in the Teukode code are presented. The code can efficiently deliver waveforms at future null infinity. The accuracy and convergence of the waveforms’ phase and amplitude is demonstrated. As a first application of the method, we compute the gravitational waveforms from inspiraling and coalescing black-hole binaries in the large-mass-ratio limit. The smaller mass black hole is modeled as a point particle whose dynamics is driven by an effective-one-body-resummed analytical radiation reaction force. We compare the analytical, mechanical angular …

Classical and Quantum Gravity