The educational aspects of the award revolve around three objectives:

  • Develop a summer school on advanced numerical methods for solving wave equations using hyperboloidal foliations.
  • Train a student in the interdisciplinary arts of numerical relativity and applied mathematics.
  • Explain basic ideas of hyperboloidal methods and hyperbolic geometry through blog posts.

Summer School

The summer school is an online, week-long event that I will hold in July 2025. The primary target for the summer school are advanced students in STEM programs in the Washington–Baltimore Area. I will particularly advertise the school in community colleges but it will be open to all interested students, at no cost, and available online. The school will be organized around a series of lectures, practical demonstrations, and hands-on coding sessions.

Student Training

The award will partially support a graduate student. The student will pick a research topic from the areas supported by the award. They will present their work at conferences, participate in the summer school, and publish their results in peer-reviewed journals.

Blog posts

I publish blog posts explaining hyperboloidal methods and hyperbolic geometry in general relativity and beyond. The posts are written at a level that is meant to be accessible to a beginning graduate student.