Anıl Zenginoğlu

Anıl Zenginoğlu

Assistant Research Scientist

Institute for Physical Science & Technology

University of Maryland


I’m a researcher and administrator at the Institute for Physical Science & Technology, University of Maryland. Here, you’ll find information about my research and thoughts.

My research is about numerical computations of waves in infinite domains. Much of my work concerns gravitational waves, but I also apply relativistic methods to nonrelativistic problems. Lately, I’ve been interested in hyperbolic geometry as it appears in many areas of science, such as special relativity, black holes, quantum gravity, machine learning, biology, number theory, and oceanography.

I regard science administration as the highest form of public service. My administrative work started in 2014 with an NSF-funded research network on kinetic theory called Ki-Net. Throughout my administrative journey, I took on various roles such as Coordinator, Community Manager, IT Manager, Acting Business Director, and Graduate Program Manager. Currently, I serve the Maryland Quantum-Thermodynamics Hub, the Biophysics and Chemical Physics Graduate Programs, the Data Science Education Community of Practice, the Burgers Program in Fluid Dynamics, and the University Senate.